##^Shorten and Expand Links ##^Make Links Managable ###Qlink.me is Fast We try to avoid the bloat of similar services that became slow, unfriendly and frustrate users. Short URLs are intended to save space and time. What's the point of shortening URLs if you must wait 10 seconds to load the page? ###Qlink.me is Secure Link handling, creating and redirecting happens only over encrypted connection. We use "Strict-Transport-Security" so your browser should not leak unencrypted data even when opening plain HTTP link. ###Qlink.me is Permanent You are also secure in the sense that your links will not be lost or forgotten. We believe in privacy and transparency at the same time. We regularly publish a dump of our database so even if we disappear you will be able to use URL expanding offline. The fact that multiple copies of the database archive can be downloaded and stored by various entities ensures durability of redirections.